League of Legends VOD Review

VOD reviewing is the most efficient way to improve your gameplay in League of legends, this is because while VOD reviewing you can direct 100% of your attention to the mistakes and miss-opportunities you have made, unlike a live game where you have to direct your attention to your champion abilities, dodging, farming, managing your wave properly, poking your opponent, reset timing and much more, so if you want to understand how to VOD review this article is perfect for you!

The correct VOD review processes

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Throughout the last year I have been trying my absolute best to climb, I managed to get all the way from Plat to Master tier in that time, and I believe its all due to one wonderful habit called “VOD reviewing”.

Throughout my climb and all the VOD reviews I have done I found what is the most effective process for my own improvement and I want to share all these habits with you guys so let’s kick it off with the following rules to VOD review properly and effectively

  • Review games at least 24 hours after you played them – This is because after you played a game you are attached and unbiased to the calls you have made so you might not be able to learn from them whilst reviewing your games.
  • Review the first 10-15 minutes of the game – Below high diamond I would direct most of my attention to the first 10-15 minutes of the game. Most of the mistakes people make are within this time frame.
  • Focus mainly on a certain game fundamental – If you want to get the most out of your VOD reviewing process I would highly recommend directing most of your attention to a single game fundamental for a week, this way you will build muscle memory and you will be able to continue implementing that habit even after you finished learning it.
  • Min \ Maxing your improvement – I will dive deeper into this subject throughout this arcitle.

The Min \ Maxing strategy

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If you want to improve as fast as possible you can use my method, which is thinking about my skill levels like an MMO character (obviously thinking about yourself as the main character), and than think about your stats in the following areas:

Laning: X\10
Farming: X\10
Teamfighting: X\10
Mechanics: X\10
Champion Mastery: X\10
Map awerness\Warding: X\10

Note: that each of these areas might have multiple game fundamentals in it, for example if we are talking about Map awerness\Warding it will inclued the following game fundamentals in it – Map awareness, Jungle tracking, Warding timers, Warding locations ETC …

Than rate yourself in each area and think about what skill will benefit my gameplay the most, also, you need to take into consideration that the higher you are at a certain area the smaller and more specific (therefor harder) the improvement needs to be.

Why its hard to improve when you're better on a specific area?

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The way that I view improvement is as follows, For each point you get in the min\max strategy the higher you will be able to climb, BUT, and that’s a big but, the higher you are on a specific area the more specific the improvement is.

Let’s think about trading as an example – If my trading was 1\10 I could remember a simple fact such as if im a level ahead I should trade because im stronger than my opponent.
But if I were to be 6\10 my focus would shift to stuff that are more specific such as – remember enemy key cooldowns and play around them.

With that said, it is easier to improve upon things you’re worst at cause its easier to spot ways to improve upon them.


How to use the min\max strategy to its fullest potential

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Firstly you have to understand what game fundamental you should direct your attention towards and I usually do that by assessing my numbers as mentioned before than seeing which area im the weakest at and while VOD reviewing try to spot what mistakes I’m doing regarding that game fundamental, and what I should’ve done.

After you spotted what you’re doing wrong, WRITE IT DOWN! and improve upon for a WEEK! And this is because after a week you are constantly doing something it becomes muscle memory.

Your own POV vs VODs

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In League of legends there are 2 main ways to review your games, the 1st one being VOD reviewing games from your own POV and the second is reviewing through VODs.

while both methods are effective and beneficial each of them has its own use.

VOD Reviewing – This method is effective in areas you cant see from your own POV for example if we’re talking about fog of war, we wont be able to see that throughout our own POV so you might want to go into the VOD and see if you were spotted on a ward or not, or if you want to see things throughout your opponents eyes.

Your own POV – Viewing the game from your own POV would be more effective in all other cases.

Achieve your Desired Rank!

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If you want to improve your gameplay achieve new rank heights or just have a question regarding your gameplay feel free to join my stream \ Discord or subscribe to my personal League of legends coaching plans where we will build a personalized Champion plan for you to make sure you will climb faster than you ever thought possible.

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