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EVERYTHING there is to know about VOD Reviewing

So, you want to get better at League of legends as quickly as possible?, Well, Than VOD reviewing might be the perfect thing for you!

Why is VOD reviewing the fastest way to climb?

VOD Reviews allows you to understand what are your strengths and weaknesses, which leads to you knowing what will be the most beneficial thing to do in order to improve and climb quickly.

Types of VOD reviews

There are two different ways to VOD review, the first one being SELF VOD REVIEW – Watching your own game, analyzing what we are not doing so well and improve in these areas.

the second type of VOD review is PRO VOD ANALYSIS – watch a high elo player, playing your desired champion and trying to understand what he does, and why?.

Pros \ Cons of "Self VOD review"


Self VOD review is a really great tool to use if you want to understand where you specifically need to get better, since you spectate your own game you know what are your tendencies, where you struggle, where you perform well ETC …

By reviewing your own games you know exactly what you should do in order to get better.


However, Self VOD review is a difficult thing to do for multiple reasons and it has its own share of drawbacks,

Firstly its really hard to give an unbiased opinion about your own gameplay,
Secondly you might reinforce bad habits,
Thirdly its hard to spot mistakes if you dont have the necessary knowledge

Pros \ Cons of "Pro VOD analysis"


Pro VOD analysis is a great way to duplicate a high level gameplay, since the pro has already achieved really high elo if we will duplicate his gameplay we will get the same results.

Reviewing high elo players allows us to see how our gameplay differ from theirs and this way we can learn whether or not our gameplan is correct or not.


Even though we are talking about “Pro” players, their gameplay is not 100% correct, we are talking about humans rather than machines after all, that means that you have filter and think if the play is correct and if you should use it in your own gameplay or not.


The "VOD Reviewing" process, when should you SELF VOD review as oppose to PRO gameplay analysis

Let’s get into the juicy details of VOD reviewing,
The way that I view VOD reviewing differs between each elo bracket.

Below gold

Pro VOD analysis will be more beneficial below gold.

The main problem in this elo bracket is lack of game and champion knowledge, if you want to get out of gold pick between 1 – 3 champions and play a-lot of games, this will allow you to slowly gain more game knowledge understand other champions abilities ETC …

If you want to gain champion mastery fast, I would recommend to go ahead analyze high elo gameplay and try to see how do they use their skills against creation matchups and how it differs from your gameplay.

Gold to Plat
Congrats on defeating Silver!,
Now you are probably asking how do I get out of gold and achieve platinum?,

the best way to view gold and rank up as fast as possible is as follows,
In gold you understand the bare minimum of some game mechanic, but haven’t mastered any yet.

In order to fly through gold you want to think about your desired champion champions and think what game fundementals would fit him the best,
a great set of questions to ask yourself in order to understand that,
are 1. What are my champion’s biggest weaknesses? and 2. what are my champion’s biggest strengths?

After you understand them, just match your champion’s strengths and weaknesses with game fundamentals that will benefit them the most.

If we are talking about a late game scaling champion, you might want to learn how to farm properly, or mitigate losses throughout the earlier stages of the game,
If we are talking about an early game champion that wants to snowball throughout the earlier stages of the game, than you might want to work on your trading capabilities,
If your champion has no mobility we can work on tracking the enemy jungle, this way we can avoid ganks, ETC …

What are all the game fundementals you should be working upon?
Jungle tracking, Farming, Leaning, Warding, Trading, Wave management, Jungle clearing, Pathing, Objective control, Itemising, F-keys, Auto spacing, Clicking, Cooldown tracking, Understanding damage (Knowing your \ enemy damage), When to take jungle camps, Recall timers, Map awerness, Strong VS Weak side, Champion mastery.

Plat to Diamond

From Platinum to Diamond you would want to continue working on the game fundamentals that benefit your champion the most,

With that said there are also few more problems that people in that elo encounter and they are
1. Tilting easily,
2. Switching champion pool every now and again,
3. Lack of consistency,

While working on your game fundamentals through VOD reviewing still is the best thing to do, most people encounter most of the problems I pointed above and these usually wont allow people to go beyond Plat, so … if you want to get that Diamond border I would highly suggest that you would stick to your champion pool, try to stay calm and understand that even the worst games are winnable and there is no reason to get mad on the game, and make sure you spectate awful games to ensure you will solve the problem of consistency in your gameplay.

Diamond 4 – Diamond 2

If you achieved Diamond you probably control and understand most game fundementals,
Now its time to strengthen each of them, this is where the fun begins!

at the stage of Diamond 4 I would recommend to watch guides on each of the game fundamentals and work on each of them for a week,
While reviewing your games you can ask yourself whether the way you implemented a specific game fundamental aligns with its goal.

A great example is Freezing waves, A-lot of people misinterpret freezing, they try to freeze in order to GET A LEADS while freezing is supposed to be used to set your opponent for a gank or to push an existing lead further.

So basically you want to look at your game and ask yourself “was that ward the most optimal ward?”,
If you got ganked “Where did I miss tracked the enemy jungle?” or “Did I not lean properly?”, ETC …

At this stage of the game you want to get a better hang of all the game fundamentals and once you understand most of them and manage pulling them of in your own games you will get that Diamond 2.

I write this guide as I rank up, Since I am currently Diamond 1, I wont be able to reflect on ranks above Diamond 1 because I wouldn’t want to miss-lead you.

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