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Top lane Rammus Build

In this article we will go over one of the funniest strategies in League of legends, Rammus top lane, we will go over everything you need to know before you lock in Rammus, from Top lane Rammus Build, to his runes to his overall gameplay.

Top Lane Rammus Runes

Sorcery_icon Phase_Rush_rune Manaflow_Band_rune Celerity_rune Waterwalking_rune Inspiration_iconMinion_Dematerializer_rune Cosmic_Insight_runeadaptive attack speed iconadaptive armor stat Icon StatModsArmorIcon

Rammus summoner spells

Ghost Teleport

Top lane Rammus build

Starting Items Core build Optional
Cloth_Armor_item Refillable_Potion_item Thornmail_item Sorcerers_Shoes_item Jaksho_The_Protean_item Gargoyle_Stoneplate_item Sunfire_Aegis_item Abyssal_Mask_item Randuins_Omen_item Anathemas_Chains_item

Rammus early game plan

As top lane Rammus you want to mainly split push, exactly for that reason at level 1 we will rank up our W and look to proxy behind the 1st tier turret, make sure you think where the enemy jungle starts and if he starts at your side of the map than delay the proxy to around level 3 and try to survive the laning phase up until than.

Than you want to continue proxying and farming behind the 1st and 2nd tier turrets up level 6 or until you can 1vs1 your opponent, make sure you ward properly and waste as much time as possible from the opposing jungler and top laner, this is an essential skill to learn while proxying, detecting where the enemy jungler is and understanding how we evade ganks.

To top everything we just said dont be afraid to use all your cooldowns to escape and dont forget to try and utilize your phase rush properly.


Rammus mid game plan

Firstly lets understand what I call “mid game” as Rammus, When I say mid lane I mean once you can start killing the opposing jungler’s gromp and wolves.

Rammus mid game plan is to proxy in his lane and as soon as you killed a normal wave you want to look on the map and think what can you do and how can you utilize the tempo you got from pushing a wave, try to kill the opposing jungler’s camps or gank your mid laner, in most cases it is possible to dive the opposing mid laner since you are playing Rammus.


Notes about Top lane Rammus Build

One thing to bare in mind is that although Rammus core items have thornmail in it YOU CAN NOT ALWAYS ITEMISE FOR IT! you have to think about the opposing team’s comp and understand whether or not you can itemize for thornmail in your specific game.


How can I improve my gameplay fast as Rammus?

Just like every other champion I would highly recommend spectating your own games and understanding what game fundamentals you should work upon.

Bare in mind that Rammus has wonderful mobility in his kit but with the playstyle presented in the video you would probably still have to work on your jungle tracking ability and warding ability to ensure your own safety.

Since Rammus is an early game beast so it would be wise to work on your diving capability and try to check the limits with when you can and cannot dive the opposing mid laner or bot laners.

I hope you learned something new and I wish you luck on the upcoming game!

Rammus the armordillo
Rammus the armordillo
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