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Singed Guide

Did you know that Singed is the HIGHEST W\R CHAMPION in League of legends for over 6 months?, In this Singed Guide you will learn everything you need to know in order to play the champion to its fullest potential and start climbing efficiently.

Why Singed?

In order to assure that we will go over EVERYTHING there possibly is, we will start from the very beginning, from the moment you decide to pick the champion and allow me to be even more specific, why would you pick Singed mid lane!

Singed is currently the highest w\r champion in League of legends for over 6 months sitting at a 55.38% w\r (as for patch 13.1) lets understand why is Singed’s SOOOOO effective so to kick things of, we are talking about Mid lane singed guide, and you have been playing League of legends for some time than you probably think, wait, what? Yes, Singed mid lane is the most effective champion in the game.

Singed mid win ration
Singed the highest wr champion League of legends

The champion has insane mobility with a movement speed passive he can only abuse in the mid lane, he has MASSIVE crowd control with both his E – “Fling” and his W – “Mega adhesive” and this is before we mentioned combining the both with an E into your W that adds a root.

The champion is fairly tanky, with an Ultimate ability – “Insanity potion” that adds resistances which makes him a wonderful diver, And last but not least a Q – “Poison trail” which is one of the greatest wave clear abilities in League of legends.

with all the tools we just discussed Singed is amongst the scariest mid laners in League of legends, you can push your lane than roam to either the top side of the map or the bottom side of the map, you have wonderful kill threat with your fling and even if the opponent is close to their turret you are tanky enough to tank 5 turret shots with and a Phase rush runes in most options that allows you to get to safety if necessary.

Singed’s Rune page

Option N.1 –Domination_icon Predator_rune Cheap_Shot_rune Eyeball_Collection_rune Relentless_Hunter_rune Sorcery_icon Celerity_rune Waterwalking_rune

Option N.2 – Sorcery_iconPhase_Rush_rune Nimbus_Cloak_rune Celerity_rune Waterwalking_rune Resolve_icon Second_Wind_rune Unflinching_rune

The Predator rune page is the most well rounded between the two, giving you the option to engage on your opponent laner (usually used to set up a gank) or roam with it.

The 2nd option, Phase rush rune page, will be better against heavy poke and skill shot based champions since you have the “Second wind” which allows you to occasionally tank skill shots and you have the Phase rush, Nimbus cloak and Celeity runes to dodge skill shots and still get to the opponent. this page is optimal against high wave clear champions that wont allow you to roam, mainly control mages.


Singed Summoner spells

Singed has to debate between 3 summoner spells - Flash – Flash Ghost – Ghost Teleport – Teleport.

The first combination and the one that pairs the best with Singed’s kit and allows you to do everything we previously discussed, Roam, set up kills, dodge skill shots ETC …

Your second option would be Flash and Teleport is used mainly against really rough matchups that wont allow you to stay in lane without bursting you down.

Singed’s counter and how to play against them

Singed is getting countered by control mages and this is because your main goal is to roam but control mages wont allow you to roam, they have a better wave clear capability than you do and as soon as you will get close to the cs they will burst you down.

What do you do against a control mage? Let your jungler know that you are about to have a rough matchup, let the opposing control mage shove the wave and everytime your jungler is around your lane set up a gank. If you are playing in lower elo brackets and your jungler ignores you, your best bet is to either ignore mid lane yourself and roam with the jungler to ensure that other lanes will be able to win the game, or just dont pick singed.

Singed thumbnail
Singed, Your ticket to Diamond


Singed Itemazation guide

Itemizing properly is amongst the most important skills for Singed, when a single death will make the difference between a Victory or a Defeat and Itemizing properly makes the difference between dying or staying alive, you have to understand how to itemize.

Starting items –

Laning phase and early game – Singed guide

Starting items

Option 1 – Dark_Seal_item Refillable_Potion_item

Option 2 – Corrupting_Potion_item

As I mentioned before Singed wants to snowball the game before it even starts, Dark seal gives you more stats for a cheap price of 350 gold and as a champion that will create every fight in the game and get all the assists in every fight, the stats on this item will benefit you.

If you are playing against a rough matchup itemizing for Corrupting potion will give you more health to work with and decrease your chances of dying.

Singed core Items

Singed core items revolve around the ability to roam faster and give your team wonderful utility tools

Boots_of_Swiftness_item Rylais_Crystal_Scepter_item Radiant_Virtue_item

Rushing boots, you can debate between Boots_of_Swiftness_item Mercurys_Treads_item Plated_Steelcaps_item but in either case your best bet would be to rush boots as they allow you to push a wave, look for a roam and not miss the wave once you get back to lane.

Both – Crytstal scepter and Radiant_Virtue_item – Radiant virtue allows you to give your team great amount of utility for a cheaper cost than usually. Singed playstyle revolves around missing a-lot of minion gold for the ability to roam and get his team ahead therefor you will be behind in gold while setting your team ahead so we itemize for cheaper items that will allow the fed person on our team to finish the game.

Singed situational items

Demonic_Embrace_item – Aggressive option – Demonic embrace deals % health magic damage so it will be a great fit against tank compositions or if you are the only AP on your team.

Force_of_Nature_item – Defensive option – Great item if the opposing team are mainly AP and you need more resistances.

Zhonyas_Hourglass_item – Utility \ Defensive – Zhonyas one of the most well rounded items in the game, it gives you armor so its a great fit against AD compositions, gives you AP so you can deal more damage, gives you a 2.5 second invulnerability so you will have easier time dodging skill-shots. If you itemize for zhonyas you want to make the opposing team focus you and waste key cooldowns while dodging them with this item.

Gargoyle_Stoneplate_item – Utility \ Defensive – Stoneplate is a great fit if you are the main frontline in your team, it gives you a-lot of tank stats.

Turbo_Chemtank_item – Defensive \ Utility – Although not completely necessary Turbo chem tank gives you even more movement speed. Please do not itemize for turbo chemtank if you are playing with “Predator” rune page since you will already have more than enough movement speed.

Frozen_Heart_item – Utility \ Defensive – Frozen heart is a wonderful fit against heavy auto attack based compositions, it decrease the opposing team attack speed and gives you more defensive stats.

Singed gameplan!

Early game as Singed – The troll

As a melee champion without too much solo kill pressure, you want to allow your opponent to push while farming to the best of your ability and prioritizing dodging abilities over farming, once your jungler is around your lane you can look for an engage and in most cases that would be a 300 gold in your pocket.

After you gain the 1st kill your opponent will be more cautious which will allow you to push your lane to your heart’s content and look to roam as soon as you pushed it.

*Note* it would be wise to roam with your jungler and even if you cannot roam you can always go of vision and draw pressure.

Singed mid to late game

As singed you want to think who is going to carry the current game and how can you help him,

For example, if the carry of the game is a tank sejuani top lane how can I help her? well I can set up easy engages for her, or decrease the enemy stats with frozen heart for example.

If the carry is an AD champion and you are playing against an assassin it would be wise to stay by the ADC side and make sure he wont die to the assassin.


Singed is a melee hybrid between a support and a tank, while played in the mid lane he wants to snowball the game and finish it as fast as possible.

The subjects we covered