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Singed Build

In this guide we will cover everything about Singed basics, from Singed build to his general playstyle and how does the rank #1 Singed worldwide manage achieving above 70% w\r in Master tier elo!

Singed Runes

Domination tree Predator_runeCheap_Shot_rune Eyeball_Collection_rune Relentless_Hunter_rune Waterwalking_rune Celerity_rune

Singed Summoner Spells

Flash Ghost

Singed Build

Starting Items  Mythic & Core Items Optional:
Boots_item Refillable_Potion_item Boots_of_Swiftness_item Rylais_Crystal_Scepter_item Radiant_Virtue_item Demonic_Embrace_item Dead_Mans_Plate_item Force_of_Nature_item Turbo_Chemtank_item Abyssal_Mask_item

Singed skill order

PoisonTrail    2   4 5   7   9                  
MegaAdhesive     3                     14 15   17 18
Fling 1             8   10   12 13          
InsanityPotion           6         11         16    

Singed Laning Phase Guide

Although melee, Singed is actually one of the most aggressive mid laners in League of legends, you want to avoid damage levels 1-3 and as soon as the opponent gets close to your turret you can use your W and E to fling them back into the turret and snare them.

You want to push your waves into the opposing turret, and constantly roam around the map to get leads with your jungler, if the jungler ganks top lane you gank with him, if the jungler ganks bot lane you have to be there with him.

Even if you dont think you can roam with your jungler you exert a-lot of pressure by staying out of vision.

Singed mid win ration
Singed the highest wr champion League of legends


Singed mid to late game

In the mid and late stages of the game you want to play around objectives, try to find creative engages with your flash & ghost & Singed passive and Items,
Make sure you only engage if you see a key target on the opposing team.

If you cannot find engage just try to peel your back line ADC and APC and ensure they dont die.


What should I do if I want to improve and rank up rapidly as Singed?

If you want to rank up rapidly on Singed and get crazy results I would highly recommend to work on your Roaming, since you’re playing a champion that wants to finish the game as fast as possible and you want to roam throughout all stages of the game trying to analyze and understand how and when should you roam will be your best bet,

I would recommend doing so by VOD reviewing your games and trying to understand what exactly are your weak spots and how to improve them.

If you would like to save time I would highly recommend hiring a League of legends coach, as they can spot your mistakes and weak spots faster and allow you to focus on solely improving your gameplay.

Good luck in the rift!

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Singed, Your ticket to Diamond
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