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Mid lane Karma build

This mid lane Karma build is based upon the best Karma player worldwide! with 75% w\r in Korea Master tier. If you want a mid laner that CANNOT die, has the ability to push waves fast, has an insane gank and roam set up than Karma is the champion for you.

Karma Runes

 Arcane_Comet_rune Manaflow_Band_rune Transcendence_rune Scorch_rune Domination tree Taste_of_Blood_rune Ingenious_Hunter_rune adaptive attack speed icon ADadaptive adaptive mr

Summoner spells

Flash Teleport

Mid lane Karma build

Starting items Core Items Situational Items
Dorans_Ring_item Health_Potion_item Stealth_Ward_item Ionian_Boots_of_Lucidity_item Radiant_Virtue_item Chemtech_Putrifier_item Redemption_item Ardent_Censer_item Staff_of_Flowing_Water_item Cosmic_Drive_item Void_Staff_item Frozen_Heart_item

Karma’s Abilities order

KarmaQ 1 4 5 7 9
Karma W 3 14 15 17 18
Karma E 2 8 10 12 13
Karma Ultimate ability 6 11 16

Karma’s Identity

Karma is a support and as such, she has wonderful base damage, she has her ultimate ability at level 1, which means that you can abuse most laners early on.

With this Mid lane Karma build her stats don’t look that insane but when paired with her jungler she surpasses all other laners, she can set up wonderful ganks with her W root and Q slow, she is hard to kill, baits most opponents with her healing (Ultimate + W), she can shield her jungler and give him movement speed boost and to top it all of, she also gives CDR to her surrounding allies with the new Radiant virtue.

Mid lane Karma laning phase

Karma’s playstyle mainly revolves around her jungler, so in order to understand what you should be doing in the lane you want to ask yourself, how can I compliment my jungler?

If your jungler would benefit the most by playing around your lane then you can freeze mid lane while allowing your opponent to poke you out, once you look like you’re nearing death, ask for a gank, use your Ultimate + W, the opponent will think that he can kill you, get ganked and there you go, that is 300 gold.

However, if your jungler wants to play around something other than you, for example, if the jungler would benefit from counter-jungling in the current game then it will be beneficial to shove waves all game long and achieve mid lane priority, once you have mid lane priority you can follow your jungler up and make sure he snowballs.

Karma’s mid to late game

As mentioned previously Karma is good at supporting her allies, so, at the mid late stages of the game you would want to think, he is going to be the carry in my team and who is going to be the carry in the opposing team.

Once you understand these 2 questions ask yourself how can I allow my carry to snowball further and how can I ensure that the opposing carry wont get leads.

An example of that would be having a fed ADC against a fed Assassin, in this scenario, you can buy items that give the ADC more shields, this way he won’t die to the assassin and he will be able to inflict a-lot of damage more easily.

How can I improve as Karma?

If you want to level up your gameplay as Karma I would highly suggest you to keep track of both your own and the opposing team’s junglers, this way you know when you need to follow your jungler up for ganks, scuttle fights ETC …

To top that of another great game fundamental to work on would be your objective control and awareness, since Karma benefits greatly from fights with other people playing with your team around objectives is the correct call to make.

If you want to go the extra mile you can also do a small farming drill since her auto attack damage is lower than most other champions.

If you are quite familiar with the champion and you already know all her basics it would also be wise to book a coaching session with a League of legends coach who will have easier time spotting your mistakes.

Karma - The enlightened one
Karma – The enlightened one
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