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Mid lane Ekko build

Massive burst, Wonderfull wave clear, Possibly the best snowball in the game (other than Nunu’s “Biggest Snowball Ever!”) what more can you ask? In this Mid lane Ekko build, you will learn everything you need to know in order to itemize properly as Ekko and completely STOMP your games!

The rune page used by the rank #1 Ekko worldwide

Domination treeElectrocute_rune Sudden_Impact_rune Eyeball_Collection_rune Treasure_Hunter_rune Minion_Dematerializer_rune Magical_Footwear_rune

Ekko’s summoner spells

Flash Teleport

Mid lane Ekko build

Ekko’s starting items Ekko’s core build Optional items
Corrupting_Potion_item Hextech_Rocketbelt_item Sorcerers_Shoes_item Lich_Bane_item Rabadons_Deathcap_item Banshees_Veil_item Void_Staff_item Zhonyas_Hourglass_item

Ekko’s abilities order

EkkoQ 1 4 5 7 9
EkkoW 3 14 15 17 18
EkkoE 2 8 10 12 13
EkkoR 6 11 16

Ekko VOD

Ekko’s gameplay

Unlike most assassins, Ekko is a scaling champion that starts the game at his weakest point.

Ekko’s Laning phase

Since we are talking about a scaling assassin you want to level up your Q at level 1, and try to farm from a safe distance until you get to around lvl.9, obviously if your opponent disrespects you (which happens pretty frequently for Ekko) and gets hit by your Q, you can engage on him with your E and use your passive movement speed to dodge any abilities he throws at you.

Your main goal in lane is to achieve level 9 while farming to the best of your ability, as soon as you hit level 9 this is where the fun begins for “The boy who shattered time”, on level 9 you can clear an entire wave with Q and 3 AA, you use your Q on the wave and AA all melee minions once and you clear the entire wave, if your opponent tries to deny you from clearing it, you can use your W to engage on him, if he gets hit by your W you will most likely kill him,

If you managed to push the wave and your opponent did not disrupt you, you can roam towards either the top or bot side of the map and set up wonderful dives with your W.

Ekko’s mid to late game

As we previously discussed Ekko’s wave clear is INSANE! so your general plan is to go to a side lane and push it, if anyone decides to match you, think, Can I duel him? if the answer is yes, Great! go ahead and get yourself an easy 300 gold bounty, if you answered “No” that’s still great because you can rotate towards your team and try to set up a 4 vs 5 team fight,

Since you have better mobility than most other champions if anyone decides to match you, and you cannot 1 vs 1 them it won’t be too big of a problem to just group.

How can I improve fast as Ekko?

Well, just like most assassins one of the most important skills is champion mastery, so if you enjoy playing the champion just continue don’t get discouraged because he is hard.

To top that I would highly suggest spectating higher elo Ekko players and trying to understand how their gameplay differs from yours, to be more specific I would spectate their games and try to understand both how they farm in the earlier stages of the game and how they roam once they achieve level 9.

If you are having trouble with your Ekko it is also possible to book a session with a League of legends coach that specializes in the mid-lane role.

Ekko - The boy who shattered time
Ekko – The boy who shattered time
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