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The most efficient way to learn a new champion?

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We all recall school, And we all recall that one student that was too lazy to do homework on his own,
However he always got those S+ scores right?!,

This time you are going to be that lazy student.

So in order to save your time I will guide you and show you how to learn a champion in a matter of days instead of months.

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Preffer watching a video about the subject rather than reading?
Dont worry, I got you covered!

About me section

I am FoxyThe1st a content creator active on Twitch and Youtube.
I want to be a LOL Coach and in order to achieve that goal I am currently doing a road ti Diamond on every role and throughout my journey I will make guides to help others improve.

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Step N.1 - Starting from the basics

There is a big problem where people pick a champion without fully knowing its kit, Before we head into to the solution I want to highlight how impactful it is knowing your champion’s kit is,

Let’s take yasuo as an example,
Did you know that 15 seconds after using his ultimate his critical strikes gain 50% bonus armor penetration?,
And did you know that yasuo’s Last breath (his ultimate) blink will automatically try to position himself outside of the turret range?.

Imagine how impactful it can be knowing the first tip and understanding you can now shred tanks after using your ultimate, or knowing the second tip and realizing you can dive people easily.

Now, that we understand why knowing our champion’s kit is important let’s dive to “the how”,
The first step to learn and master a new champion would be reading your champions entire kit!,
Go to LOL wiki, read your champion’s entire kit and if you’re sure you picked the right champion for you go the extra mile and read a guide about your desired champion.

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Step N.2 - The right practice environment

Instead of hopping straight into ranked game you need to go to the least stressful environment and practice there!,

You need to understand that picking a new champion is stressful so if you add more stress to an already stressful situation the results will probably be horrendous.

It will either take you months learning the champion to its fullest potential

Or you will lose all your LP trying to learn it and after couple of games you will stop playing him because your LP gains have been depleted.

Now you know what you should not do,
So let’s go ahead and have a conversation about what you should do.

You should hop into either draft games or Practice tool, These are the least stressful environment, make mistakes there and learn from them,

Practice tool would be your best friend if you want to learn combos, ability ranges, ability damage practice farming ETC …

And Draft games would be your second best friend If you want to practice your champion in a real time game.

I would highly suggest to do both, a-lot! of draft games and add practice tool to practice your combos on complex champions such as Riven, Yasuo, Qiyana, Nidalee ETC …

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Step N.3 - steal your gameplay

After years of playing League of legends and watching countless hours of pros playing the game, I noticed they manage picking a new champion for the first time and play him perfectly,

Now you are about to hear their secret which is “Stealing other pro’s gameplay”,
And what I mean by “Stealing other pro’s gameplay” is the following, they remember how other pros from the same skill level played that specific champion and they duplicate exactly what they did.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can do exactly that.

Let’s say that I want to learn how to play Azir mid what I will do is I will download a pro replay of an azir player with positive W/R I will see what he does well and than I will try to do it on my own,

You have to bare in mind that you need to focus 1 skill at a time,

So on the first replay you watch focus how does the pro trade in lane, he is using his W than auto attack once afterwards he will use his Q and auto attack once again, now that you understand how to trade in the earlier stages of the game you can start a game and capitalize on trading just like the pro just did.

If you don’t know what to look for, here is a small list of things you can capitalize on:

  1. How do we play the laning phase? –
    Are you supposed to constantly roam with your champion?,
    Does the pro try to constantly catch the enemy jungle of guard?,
    Or do we maybe just sit around the turret taking a sip of our cup of coffee and throwing are Qs to farm minions?
  2. How does our pro use each skill –
    A great example would be viego,
    If you will compare bronze viego to challenger viego you will notice the following things,
    bronze – they just use the passive whenever they can,
    higher level of play – you can see that sometimes they ignore and dont use the passive on weak targets.
  3. Positioning –
    Watch how to position in fights,
    Do you try to dive the enemy backline? or do you just throw spells from behind?
  4. What does the pro build and why.

Intermediate champions – Animation cancels and combos. Practice in practice tool than go to drafts and try it when ppl are actually moving.

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Step N.4 - drills

This will be the difference between achieving perfect CS or missing every cannon in lane, like you often see me doing on streams.

Or maybe you are playing jungle and than that will be the difference between reaching scuttles when it spawns VS reaching scuttles on the moment your opponent took it down.

Farming drill – You take your champion, go into practice tool and you farm the first 4 waves,
make sure your runes does not buff your damage and try to achieve at least 22 CS by the end of the fourth wave.
make sure you do not miss the cannon.
Keep practicing until you manage doing the drill with your eyes closed!.

Jungle clear drill – Watch a YT video on the fastest way to clear with your champion and do it yourself giving yourself 5 seconds more than what you saw in the video.

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Step N.5 - dont forget to enjoy

As cheesy as it sounds make sure you dont burn yourself down,
Your brain understand faster and in a more efficient way when you enjoy.

On top of that, at the end of the day you are playing a game to enjoy!, so as fun as showing of to your friends may be, enjoying the game should always be your main goal.

The best time to
schedule coaching

Dont forget that the best time to get a coaching is when you learn a new subject!.

If my tips helped you and you want to take your gameplay to the next level, you can hire my help.