Detailed League of legends Guides

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Let's get you prepared to stomp your next League of legends game!

If you want to get better at League of legends you got to the right place!

I will cover everything there is to know about the game starting from the game basics and than I will go into more detailed guides.

If you are in Gold and Below, I would recommend watching my VOD reviews to get better at the game, The main thing you would want to do is pick between 1 to 3 champions and get to know these champions to the fullest.

If you are between Platinum to Diamond I would highly recommend  watching my game fundamentals guide as these guides will allow you to improve.

You should work on each fundamental for around a month improve upon it.

If you are having trouble with any fundamental feel free to join my streams and ask questions about it, or book a coaching session and we will be able to discuss the subject and pin point mistakes to show you how to improve.