LOL Game fundamentals

There are a bunch of ways to improve in League of Legends but “The game fundamental method” is the fastest amongst them all.

In the following article I will teach you everything you need to know about “The game fundamental method” and how to use it.

What is "The game fundamental method"?

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The game fundamental method is a method in which you focus upon the game fundamental that will benefit your champion & playstyle the most whilst improving upon 1 fundamental at a time.

This method ensures rapid growth but also requires a little bit of thinking and work outside of a game (Yep you wont be playing 24\7 you will also do stuff such as review your games once in a while ETC …)

How do I use "The game fundamental method"?

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The first thing you need to do is think about your champion identity and your playstyle as a player.

Are you an aggressive laner? Are you a passive laner? Maybe you prefer to roam around the map. What ever your playstyle is we need to identify it first.

After you have Identified your playstyle the next step is rank yourself between 1 – 10 in each of the following game fundamentals:

  1. Laning
  2. Farming
  3. Team fighting
  4. Mechanics
  5. Champion Mastery
  6. Map awareness \ Warding

Note: in each of these areas there is more than 1 game fundamental to work on but these are just the general names of the fundamentals.

How to spot the areas you need to work upon?

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As mentioned above the first step towards our desired rank is spotting the areas we need to improve upon.

Each week you should spectate one of your games and spot the game fundamentals that were rusty or require some refining in your gameplay.

After you got a list of a few game fundamentals, Think which of these game fundamentals will benefit your champion and playstyle the most.

For example, if I would play Kennen I might want to improve upon my Teamfighting as she shines in team fights on the contrary if I would play Talon I would prefer to work on my roaming.

How do I improve using the method?

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After you spot the game fundamentals you should work on you can go into a game but bare in mind what areas are you trying to improve upon.

After you have played between 3 – 5 games I would recommend choosing 2 games randomly and watching them seeing where and if you could have implemented the game fundamentals you need to work upon better.

I would also recommend watching a video about the game fundamental you want to improve upon as soon as you start working on it, this way all the information will be fresh in your mind and you will be able to slowly get better.

Achieve your Desired Rank!

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If you want to achieve your desired rank and Level up your gameplay you can join my Champion’s League of legends coaching subscription where we will build a personalized champion plan for you, have a weekly VOD review, and I will also add you to my Champion’s coaching discord channel where you can ask any question regarding your gameplay at any time and get a fast response.

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