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Galio Build

Everything you need to know about Galio build before you lock him in, Based upon the highest ranked Galio player worldwide, From his build to his overall gameplay and general tips that separate the best Galio players from the average ones.

Galio Runes

Domination tree Predator_rune Cheap_Shot_rune Eyeball_Collection_rune Ingenious_Hunter_runeResolve Conditioning_rune Unflinching_rune

Summoner spells

Flash Teleport

Galio Build

Starting Items  Mythic & Core Items Optional:
Dorans_Ring_item Health_Potion_item Night_Harvester_item Sorcerers_Shoes_item Shadowflame_item Demonic_Embrace_item Morellonomicon_item Zhonyas_Hourglass_itemVoid_Staff_item Abyssal_Mask_item Rabadons_Deathcap_item

Galio’s Skill order

GalioQ 1 4 5 7 9
GalioW 2 8 10 12 13
GalioE 3 14 15 17 18
GalioR 6 11 16

Galio VOD Review

Galio’s Identity

Galio is a melee AP-based tank and as such he has wonderful base damage, a-lot of CC and a global ultimate.

Galio’s laning phase

As a melee tank with an enormous amount of CC and wonderful wave clear you have a lot of options,

You can either allow your opponent to push the waves If you want to set up ganks or try to push the wave yourself if you think your jungle will need help around scuttles or counter jungle ETC …

The way you decide which game plan is the right for the current game is by asking yourself several questions, 1. Who is going to carry this game on my team? 2. Who is going to carry this game on the opposing team? then think how can you allow the win condition on your team to get the biggest lead possible.

Due to Galio having both a-lot of CC and wave control your usual gameplan is to push the waves and try to play around your jungle (Especially lethal around objectives such as Drakes and Heralds)

Galio’s Mid to late game

Galio’s Mid to late game is as straightforward as it gets!

Ask yourself who is carrying the current game and as a result think how should you play around that?

one great tip that I have for Galio is use your ultimate to hover around people that are split pushing if you think someone is about to collapse on them.

General tips for Galio

While farming you should try to use Galio’s Q to hit both the minions you are trying to farm and your opponent since Galio’s Q is a projectile that he shoots from his wings rather than in a straight line.

Galio’s ultimate – Note that you don’t need to go all the way to the bot lane in order to use the ultimate (I know it sounds obvious) SO, Once you are in range to use your R you can press S (stop moving command) and this way if you decide not to use your R you can get to lane faster.

Galio – The colossus


What game fundamentals should I work on if I want to improve as Galio quick?

Fristly and obviously Map awareness! as a champion with a global ultimate that shields allies you have to make sure you know whats going on around the map to top that of as a tank with wonderful wave clear and CC your main purpose is to help and play around someone else so you should usually play with and around your jungler and knowing where he is at any given time will make sure you utilize Galio’s kit properly.

Once you’ve learned the basics of map awareness and you think you want to add some more stuff into the mix you can start working on your farming since you are a melee champion at the end of the day you usually take a-lot of damage so you need to understand when can you take farm as oppose to when you should give farm up in order to preserve your health,

Afterwards I would start working on my wave management, think when you should freeze the wave as oppose to slow pushing or shoving it and to wrap things up I would work on my objective awerness.

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