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How to get to Diamond fast?

Improve rapidly! From Gold to Diamond 1 in 100 games

In the current Season I tried challenging myself, I wanted to see how high can I get and if I can achieve Master tier within 6 Months of playing the game.

I chose to play Varus, the lowest w\r champion at the time And in the first 100 games of my journey I actually got all the way from Gold to Diamond 1 with 70% w\r.

The first trick I used to climb is the following,

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Small Champion Pool

You need to choose between 1 to 3 champions and play ONLY THEM!
And if you ask why only 3 champions?,
This is because  it allows you to focus on your MACRO rather than having to focus on your MICRO.

And your MACRO is where the BIG GAINS lies.

Once you have a-lot of games on your desired champion you dont have to think about your combos, what skills should you use in what scenario which means that you can focus that “Mental stack” into something else and in our case we can focus our “Mental stack” into game fundamentals which is what I refer to as “MACRO”.

And while the 1st tip sounds really easy just sticking to few champions, it can be really difficult, It personally took mean entire month to realized that I really like playing Varus, So let me spare you a-lot time and effort because THIS IS A PROBLEM THAT YOU ARE GOING TO ENCOUNTER ASWELL.

While picking your champion don try to think about what is good in the meta, or what will benefit you the most in the long run, You should try and think about 1 thing and 1 thing only. Since we’re not trying to go pro and we’re trying to achieve high elo we should play the champion we enjoy!.
I promise you that if you will bare that one thing in mind while picking a champion you will be able to stick to it for a-lot of time.

And now when you know and understand why small champion pool is important lets get into the needy greedy details, how to train our macro, and I refer to the next tip as the “Game changer” because this is what separate the 55% w\r players from the 70% and 80% w\r players that can boost their accounts to what ever elo they desire.

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Training Your Macro - Game Changer

So the goal here is to train your macro, but that is not enough to achieve diamond within 100 games, You want to think WHAT MACRO BENIFIT YOUR CHAMPION THE MOST, considering its playstyle, strengths and weaknesses.

Lets take my Varus for example, his strengths are scaling like crazy, so in order to assure the scaling I have to work on my CSing ability, For Varus’s weaknesses he is extremly immobile, so I gotta make sure to work on my jungle tracking and leaning to ensure I wont get ganked.

So you need to do the same, think about your champion’s strengths and weaknesses and go from there.

The way that I personally approached it all the way from Gold to Plat 1 was the following, I think about the game fundamental that will help my champion the most, Than I go and watch a guide to ensure I fully understand it, and I make sure to emphasis what I learned in the guide in the upcoming week, while playing 3 games a day.

It worked like a charm and I got 80% w\r all the way to Plat 1, However once I got to Plat 1 my w\r went all the way down to 60% and even tho this is more than enough to climb, I wanted to see how can I increase it.

I asked several big streamers that have achieved high elo year after year with consistency what can I do to increase my w\r and the next tip sums up what they said.

Spectate the best players on your champion \ Spectate your own games.

What most of the streamers told me is that I should go ahead and spectate other known mid lane Varus player, Since im playing Varus. In your case you should watch high elo player playing your champion.

And I went ahead to look for another mid lane varus player, but …. unfortunately there were none.

So instead of watching other Varus players I started spectating my defeats and see how could I play them any better, and to my suprise, And the suprise of my viewers, This tip raised my w\r back to around 70%!

And with that I got all the way to Diamond 2 (97 LP) in 100 games, Yeah …. I know it wasnt Diamond 1, but in my 101 I did manage getting to diamond 1 and its a better click bait this way.

I hope you enjoyed the and learned something new, if you’re looking to improve and get better at League of legends feel free to join my stream “Foxythe1st (Youtube)”, I currently offer FREE COACHING for my viewers.