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Champion Builds: Builds and Runes used by Challengers!

With an almost endless variety of items it is really difficult to fully understand how to itemize and choose the proper champion build for each champion, in this guide I will cover everything you need to take into consideration in order to itemize properly.

The importance of your Champion build

Itemazation correctly is amongst the most important things to think about in a fast paste game such as League of legends,

Especially when each kill can potentially result in a Victory buying the correct build on the right champion and scenario is a crucial skill to have, buying the right build will make the difference between dying to an assassin or being able to use an item and escape.

With that said knowing what we need to build on our desired champion isn’t is hard as it sounds.

itemazation with the shopkeeper

How do I know what to Build on my champion?

When we discuss about what should we build on each champion the variety is almost endless, 27 Mythic items 58 Legendary items 43 components, 8 boots, 19 Basic items and 13 Starter options,

So to narrow it down we use the following methods,

  1. Looking at statistic sites – looking at statistics in sites such as League of graphs or and copy the highest w\r build for a certain elo bracket.
  2. Copy high elo champion builds – Look at challenger players or top performing players and copy their builds

While you can achieve good results with these each of these options, there is one way that will be better and that would be,

Understanding how to itemize on your own!

Understanding how to itemize and build our champion on our own

The first thing that you need to take into account is what class are you playing?, are you playing a Mage, Assassin, Tank, Marksman ETC …

once you understand what is your champion class you can look at the items for that specific class and choose between them,

But that still leaves us with several options so lets narrow it down further!

How to choose a mythic Item?

In each and every game there is one main point we need to keep in mind while buying our mythic and that is,

What is my role in this specific game and in order to fully understand it you can think about your team composition and the enemy team composition and think what item will contribute that goal.

An example of that could be, if you are playing an ADC and the opposing team has 4 tanks, than your goal will be to get through the enemy front line and kill the tanks so the Mythic item that answers our specific goal in this scenario would be “Kraken slayer”.

If you are not sure what each item does feel free to read the description in the game.

How to choose Legendary Items?

Legendary items are a bit more tricky and that is because they usually arent the first item we purchase,

So to understand what Legendary item we need to buy we need to press “Tab”, look at the enemy team and understand what is the biggest threat in your specific game,

If there is a winning AD champion we can itemize for items that grants us more armor if the main threat in the opposing team is an AP champion we should probably go for Magic resist.

Mastery rank 7 in league of legends

How do I know what Runes to take?

In order to understand what rune we should take we follow the same principle like we did in our build.

We ask ourselves “What role should I take in this specific game?” personally I would advise against changing runes every other game so I would ask question that is a bit more general “What class would fit my champion the best?” or “What class will I enjoy playing the most as X” (X – is the champion you’re playing).

If you said Fighter than you should take fighter runes such as Conquer or Lethal tempo, if you wanted to play an assassin than go for electrocute or Dark harvest ETC …

If you just want to play the highest win ratio rune page for your specific champion than I would either check what the top players in the world are doing or just checking out Statistic sites.

Discussing specific builds

If you have any questions about a specific build or if you would like to optimise your builds feel free to join my Discord \ Twitch or Youtube channel and streams for a free review or any question related to your champion build.

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