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3 BAD HABITS to avoid in League of legends

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These are the 3 main reasons that 95% of the League of legends community wont climb.

I went all the way from Gold to Diamond 1 within 100 games and throughout my games I collected some really bad habits that I had to fix if I wanted to keep climbing and I believe that you have these BAD HABITS aswell.

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After achieving Diamond 1 I was sure that the road to Master tier will be really easy, but I got really cocky and started de-ranking all the way down to Diamond 4.

I had to do something before I would de-rank any further to PLATINUM.

So, as always, I started spectating my own games and the BAD HABITS I found are as follows.

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In my first 100 games when I climbed like crazy I would spectate my own games and ensure I wont repeat the same mistake twice, but afterwards I started demoting to Diamond 4, and thats when I decided to start spectating my games and make sure I to improve and climb once again.

Exactly for that reason I started spectating my games and what I saw is that every time one of my teammates would make a mistake I would start typing and ensure they know I am a “Keyboard warrior”, on the other hand if I would make a mistake I wouldnt flame myself like I did with them.

And even though im not telling you guys to flame yourself but I do think you should pay attention that your focus goes into the right place, which is spectating your games and make sure you improve your own gameplay rather than flaming other people, and once I stopped flaming my teammates and doubled the attention on my own games and mistakes I stopped demoting.

Obviously it wasnt enough to start climbing again, so I kept spectating my games and than I saw something I didnt think I would see in my own gameplay,

And thats the 2nd thing you should be avoiding.

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Tilt, TILT, Tilt - The silver syndrom

Upon taking a closer look upon my match history, I realize I have the SILVER SYNDROM!

What’s the silver syndrom?

Well, let me tell you, In my first 100 games to Diamond I took only Lethal tempo on Varus, because in my opinion its the best rune on the champion, but upon losing games I saw myself changing runes to things such as Hail of blades \ First strike and Press the attack, and even though the runes themselves are not “Troll” and my K\D\A ratio did not look that bad, once I started spectating the games with different runes I was horrified.

Since I did not know how to take full control over these runes my performance was horrible to say the least,
And if me changing runes and playing with runes I dont know how to play with was not enough, I made sure to add insane 10 – 15 game losing streaks every time I started losing.

So to sum it up, keep playing with the playstyle you guys are familiar with!, you got to your current elo with a specific champion or rune for a reason, if you want to play with a different rune or champion make sure to practice on a smurf account first and once you understand how to play around it feel free to take it on your main account.

How to pair your Runes with your playstyle

Since we were discussing the topic of runes the 3rd tips comes in handy.

which is pairing up your runes with your specific playstyle! 

Most league of legends players and probably even you just go into \ League of graphs or any other site look what is the highest w\r rune for their champion and just take it themselves without fully understanding what the page does or how they’re supposed to use it.

Once again, I will use an example that happened in my own journey, in the highest w\r rune page is always HOB \ P.T.A for Varus mid, but personally I love Lethal tempo, I love big fights and I love the feeling of running my opponent down and exactly for that reason I just kept playing with Lethal tempo and got all the way to Diamond 2, so while HOB or PTA are viable rune options I dont think I would personally pick them since they dont resonate that well with my own playstyle.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not telling you to take a different rune from what or any other site offers “Just because”, what im saying is whatever rune you decide to stick with MAKE SURE YOU READ IT, and play accordingly!

And after I started using these 3 tips I climbed all the way from D4 to D1 within half a month.

Sadly I did not manage to get to Master tier within 5 months,

But I will do it in the upcoming season season 12.