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AP Varus Guide

In this detailed AP Varus guide you will learn everything about Varus mid lane, From Varus Build to his runes and gameplay by a top rated Varus 1 trick.

AP Varus Runes

Domination_iconHail_of_Blades_rune Taste_of_Blood_rune Eyeball_Collection_rune Ultimate_Hunter_rune Sorcery_icon Absolute_Focus_rune Gathering_Storm_rune   StatModsAttackSpeedIcon ADadaptive adaptive mr

Varus Summoner spells

Flash Ghost


Varus Build

Starting Items Mythic & Core Items 4th – 6th Item options
Dorans_Blade_item Health_Potion_item Nashors_Tooth_item Ionian_Boots_of_Lucidity_item Riftmaker_item Rabadons_Deathcap_item Void_Staff_item Shadowflame_item Banshees_Veil_item Zhonyas_Hourglass_item


Detailed AP Varus guide


Varus item order is as follows,

You want to start with obviously the Nashor tooth, if you’re playing VS an assassin DO NOT buy anything other than the Nashor, if you’re playing vs mage you can buy the 300 gold boots while itemizing for Nashor tooth, that will allow you to dodge skill shots easier.

For Varus’s boots you have to remember NOT to finish the boots, until you finish your Mythic item.

For Varus mythic you have 2 options, 1- Rift maker which gives you A-LOT of damage, if you’re playing against a-lot of assassins (2 or more) you can itemize for Crown of the shattered queen, Personally I love the item as its cheaper than Rift maker and allows you to get your third item (Rabadon’s) faster which allows you to one shot ANYONE.

After you bought your mythic item You can finish your 2nd tier boots, the best boots for Varus are Lucidity boots for the CDR on your ultimate.

After you got your 3 core items just itemize for AP, Rabadon’s \ Void staff.

And after you got your damage item the build is situational, so feel free to choose whatever item you see fit.

Varus Lane Guide

In the earlier stages of the game you want to play as aggressive as possible and ensure that your opponent will have hard time farming.

Varus has extremely strong early game since we are talking about a Marksman and you usually start with a Doran’s blade.

If you want to make sure you crush every single one of your opponents I would recommend to try and capitalize on your opponent cooldowns and trade around it, while also working on your wave management and the easiest way to work and improve upon these areas rapidly would be VOD reviewing your own games.

On top of everything that I have mentioned you have to bare in mind that Varus is an immobile mage, you dont have any dash or blink in your kit so working upon jungle tracking and warding would be wise if you dont want to get ganked.

Mid to late stages of the game as Varus

In the mid and late stages of the game you want to try and play as a sniper, you want to hover the person who “Carries” the game, if a fight breaks out you want to try and snipe key targets with your ultimate or try to hit someone in the middle of the fight and make sure the ultimate will spread into as much targets as possible.

Varus Pros and Cons

Varus Pros

1. Insane damage
2. Really good all the way from the earlier stages of the game all the way to the later stages of the game.
3. Scales like a monster
4. Has CC and good engage tool with the Ultimate
5. Long range

Varus Cons

1. Extremely immobile
2. Skill shot reliant (Countered by high mobility or stuff that can negate CC)
3. Auto attack reliant (Gets countered by champions such as Jax, Nilah, Teemo ETC …)

What should you do if you want to climb fast as Varus

If you want to climb fast on Varus I would highly suggest to work upon the following game fundamentals, Jungle tracking, Map awareness and Warding, since Varus is an immobile champion and more often than not people will try to babysit and gank you.

Work on your Trades, Cooldown tracking and spacing, Varus is an extremely strong laner and you are looking to bully most of your opponents, since you want to play aggressive in the earlier stages of the game working upon cooldown tracking, spacing and working on your trades will ensure that you will win all lanes.

On top of everything that I have mentioned I would highly recommend to VOD review your own games to ensure rapid progress.

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