About Foxythe1st

I got into League of legends around season 1, and it quickly became the only game I play.

Later on when I got to high school I realized the subjects are not as interesting as League was to me.

Over time I found myself slowly improving at the game and achieved Diamond for the first time, it may not sound like such an accomplishment but it peaked my interest.

Where I live army is mandatory so I had enrolled into the army. while serving, I had little to no time playing League so I found myself looking for a new interest, from there I found myself implementing what I learned in League of legends into my service in the army.
Slowly I realized how improving your day-to-day habits is similar to improving your habits within the game. 

When I finished my service in the army I began a new journey where I wish to coach others improve and achieve their milestones within the game and whilst doing that I will do my best to teach them the life lessons I learned playing the game myself.


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