About Foxythe1st

Welcome! I am Ori, or as you guys probably know me “FoxyThe1st”

I am a League of legends coach, Streamer and content creator.

I have achieved Diamond on every role, and currently on my journey to achieve challenger playing my main role (Mid lane).

After I achieving Diamond multiple times by VOD Reviewing myself, watching improvement videos ETC …. I started coaching couple of my friends and each of them got wonderful results and achieved at least Diamond.

After proving to myself how fast I teach people, I want to help YOU forge your passion just like I did on my own.


If you wonder to yourself “Why would I hire a fresh League of legends coach”,
Well the answer is quit simple, as a fresh coach I will make sure that each of my students will have the best results possible due to the fact that I need to build my brand name PLUS! due to the services being new the prices are not as high as other coaches.