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Jacob Lamulle
Jacob Lamulle
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I'm not here to bullshit, I genuinely feel like I got far mar than I thought I would in just a single session with this guy. I'm already seeing decent improvement in the following few games I've played since. I'm not going to pretend like I really know the coaching market or have had any amount of experience with coaching in this game. But I will honestly say that I didn't expect to have such a positive and helpful interaction. 5/5 - I couldn't recommend foxy more. If you're considering receiving coaching or help with league he's the first guy I'd recommend to you.
Albin Moisienko
Albin Moisienko
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Although so far i've only had one coaching session (and deffinetly not the last) with foxy. i can say that first of all i saw immediate improvements in my macro after the session. He is friendly, patient, knows how to properly set himself towards ur goal and teach u whatever it is that you want to get better on. Has a lovely communty that loves and respects him and his knowledge, i rate 5 star for sure !!!!
Amitai Avrahami
Amitai Avrahami
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Killer coach, I've been a hardstuck silver player for several years now (going on six seasons, 6-12) but this guy helped my learn proper fundamentals and actually taught me my favorite champions to a degree where I got to plat 3 within less than 13 years.
Dolev Cohen
Dolev Cohen@Client
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Your coaching was very usefull thx alot for your time realy apriciated. I was able to climb from silver 3 to gold 1 in 2 months. I would highly recommend this coach to any one who is looking to climb. 1
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High Ranked Coach

I make sure to remain amongst the top 1% of players at any given time (currently within the top0.38%) to assure that I will be able to give you the most up to date tips and tricks that will improve your gameplay rapidly.

I am currently sitting in Master tier on my mid lane account and have achieved Diamond on all the roles.

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Personalized Champion Plan

Every individual and every climb is different exactly because of that we will build a champion plan that fits your schedule, personality, playstyle and lifestyle to ensure you will achieve your desired rank faster than you ever thought possible.

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Champion Treatment

My goal is to make sure that every single one of my clients will achieve their dream rank and I truly belive that every single one of my clients is a CHAMPION! so I treat each of my clients accordingly.

With PERSONAL live sessions, PERSONAL VOD reviews, thinking about ways you can PERSONALY use to improve your gameplay, giving you PERSONAL feedback on what you can do to improve, creating PERSONAL content specifically for each of my clients and much more.

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Building Champion Habits

In order to achieve anything in life you need to build good habits and this is exactly why one of our main goals in the coaching plan is to build CHAMPION habits for your League of legends journey.

The habits we will build are:

  • Playing in Blocks
  • Understanding what game fundamentals we should focus in each game
  • Leveling up your game reviewing process
  • What to do in bad matchups

And much more!